What does XEC mean ?

Many clients are wondering  about the name of our company. It`s pretty strange, and they want to know how we came up with it, does it have any meaning or whether it`s just a combination of 3 letters. Today it`s time to uncover the mystery.
XEC stands for X Energy Crew. It`s a hip hop crew, that we started back in the 90`s and 70% of our company team is made up of former dancers and graffiti artists. Our crew still exists and it`s in its 4-th generation.
The boys are really good and have been pretty successful.  As we did it back in the days they also travel around the world with the dance show of the legendary National Art Dance Company and continue to inspire  audiences in Belgium, Russia,  Greece, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Serbia, Germany and etc.


Yesterday  they  took part in the TV show  “ Bulgaria Got Talent” and completely blew away the scene and the jury. Just take a look at their  performance.  Unfortunately this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by bTV Media Group. So check our first clip back in the days :

X Energy Crew


We are so proud of them and wish them to keep on doing their  thing . Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof, woof !!!

x nrg crew


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